Personal care

Choosing BD means choosing life and vitality. Therefore, nourishing our body and our skin with ECObio products means making a radical choice of awareness, become attentive, present consumers who buy wisely. We use raw materials from organic farming or from spontaneous harvest, we pay attention to the absence of non-vegetable raw materials considered “at risk”, or allergenic, irritant or with evidence of probable damage to human health.

House Cleaning

The BD ecological detergents represent a healthy, safe and economical alternative to traditional ones. Choosing “ecological” can improve (much) the quality of our life. The ecological detergents represent a valid alternative to traditional detergents. There is no need to renounce effectiveness or fragrance; but it is important to be aware of the basic elements of traditional detergents, that make them objectively effective, but also highly polluting for the whole ecosystem as well as harmful to our health.



We are friends of recycling and creative reuse, because the environment is at the center of our mission and we want to spread wellness through products that are more sustainable than others throughout their life cycle, because everything comes from nature and everything returns to it. We are also promoters of the circular economy as a new integrated model of production, distribution and consumption.

Scelta Biologica


Ours is a precise biological choice, thanks to the AIAB Certification, Italian Association for Organic Agriculture which certifies the quality of healthy and safe products through strict and scrupulous checks on all the ingredients and on the finished product in full respect of the ecosystem and well-being, that does not use, to name a few, fertilizers, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.



Ours is not just a natural choice, but a vegan one, thanks to the VEGANOK Certification which certifies the absence of parts of animal origin in any kind of product. Our products are also BIODIZIONARIO APPROVED. A product can be called 100% certified natural only when it is not tested on animals, and it is not present inside any synthetic element and potentially harmful, like petrolatum, silicones, alcohol, GMOs and their derivatives. We also commit ourselves to select preferably local raw materials and with an ethico-social chain.

Amico dell'ambiente


We are friends of the environment and we avoid the over-exploitation of natural resources, like soil, water and air, favoring a model of production and ecological development to improve the quality of life, of ours and of future generations. Even the choice of packaging is aimed at reducing the use of packaging and their impact on the environment. … Our sun cream have obtained ECOLCARE certification, which guarantees that the product does not have negative effects on marine organisms.



In September 2015, a bold new global agenda to end poverty by 2030 and pursue a sustainable future was unanimously adopted today by the 193 Member States of the United Nations, the Assembly agreed on a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ) and 169 targets.
BD is committed to ensuring its contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Value


Choosing to buy a BD product means deciding to do well and do good. Why? A certified organic eco product is a guarantee of quality and a well-made purchase for the care of our skin and our home. It is a choice of respect for our Planet and Nature. But it is also a commitment to do good, in fact for every purchase you give your contribution (10% on each product purchased) to one of the associations we work with.
Together for a more united world.

Nature For You You And You For Nature

BD Bionatural Dimension is synonymous with innovation and attention to the environment and social commitment, a company made of people involved in the promotion of unique products, nature itself helps to create the line of BD products, making the lines PERSONAL CARE and HOME CARE products at the forefront and Ecosustainable.



We work with social cooperatives because unity is strength.
We have entrusted our logistics and part of our production to two type B cooperatives, because we are sure that great opportunities and great successes can be born from the sharing of good projects and the integration of different realities.

Economy of Giving


Bionatural Dimension is a member of AIPEC, the Italian Association of Entrepreneurs for an Economy of Communion. Together we live and spread the commitment to do business following the Economy of Giving in Freedom. We are inspired by the principles of the Civil Economy, which places man first in our choices. We are also Benefit Company and our mission is the Common Good.

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